18 | 04 | 2014
New Zealand Virtual World Grid
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Welcome to the website of the New Zealand Virtual World Grid.

Enabled by KARENThis is an initiative from the University of Otago, the University of Auckland, Wellington Institute of Technology, the University of Canterbury, and supported by Telecom NZ.  It is an open access national virtual world grid based on open source software.  It operates on NZ-based servers hosted at Otago, Auckland and Weltec and Canterbury Universities, and leverages other national investments in IT infrastructure through deployment on the high-speed KAREN (Kiwi Advanced Research and Education Network).

The grid has been set up with an academic focus and will be used for research and education, as well as for proof-of-concept application deployments and testing.  The grid is also active in establishing wider hypergrid connections to universities around the globe.

 The objectives of the NZVWG initative are to:

  1. Undertake both experimental and routine use of virtual worlds in teaching and research;
  2. Develop engaging, interactive in-world content customised for NZ use; and
  3. Develop new context-specific plugins enabling interaction between the virtual and real (non-virtual) worlds. 

You are welcome to apply for a free account, and will be notified when it has been processed.  Please keep in mind that the OpenSim platform is still in alpha release and so may not always perform as expected.

If you have any difficulties connecting to the grid, please contact the local grid administrator from the Contacts page.